IAMinSG Bracelets

We are going to start collecting orders for the bracelet starting from NOW…
As stated previously, each bracelet cost $2.50 and you are ADVISED to get at least 2 so that it would be more obvious when worn in the dark.

We really need you guys to send in your orders as soon as possible so that it can be ready before MNET ULTIMATE 2010.

Please send in your orders to our email 2amsingapore@gmail.com in this format

Subject : IAMinSG Glow in the Dark bracelet order

Name :
Forum Name : (leave it blank if you don’t have one)
Contact no. :
Quantity :
Total Price :
Payment method : I-Banking / ATM transfer / Meetup (to be confirmed)

For payment thru I-Banking or ATM transfer please send to:ย POSB SAVINGS 068-72820-7

Once transferred is done please include the following informations :

Transaction date :
Transaction time : (if you rmb so that its easier for me to identify your payment specially for those who do atm transfer)
Transferred amount :
Payment method :
Ref No. :

Keep your eyes peeled on this post for updates or check this topic! ๐Ÿ™‚

Order Status:

1. Eliza (4x) [Paid]
2. Maddiedances (4x)
3. StarryShiQi (2x)
4. Reg269(2x)
5. ahgrace(2x) [Paid]
6. Marilyn (2x) [Paid]
7. rudyxwongz (1x)[Paid]
8. vickychan123 (2x) [Paid]
9. Lynette Ng (4x)
10. Su Kalsum (2x) [Paid]
11. RinYa (4x) [Paid]
12. Ziyun (3x) [Paid]
13. bibi95 (4x) [Paid]
14. rongrong (5x)[Paid]
15. pingapong (4x)
16. Michelle (2x)
17. Jaskuv (4x) [Paid]
18. Mei Shan (2x) [Paid]
19. orange_bernie (2x) [Paid]
20. iAMwilbur (2x) [Paid]
21. Irene Ng (4x) [Paid]
22. Kaini (2x)
23. tratakkaa (2x) [Paid]
24. Joey (2x)
25. Stephanie Soh (4x) [Paid]
26. QM (1x)
27. Kwonnish (2x)
28. SuTing (2x)
29. Felicia Tan (2x)
30. AmandaLXY (2x)
31. Woo Wai Yee (2x)
32. Bella Poon (1x)
33. Ho Sin Yan (1x) [Paid]
34. Coco1310 (3x) [Paid]
35. Beverly Lim (2x) [Paid]
36. choonpeng (1x) [Paid]
37. Koh Zhen Zhen (3x) [Paid]
38. Tania Tan (2x)
39. Lee Ying Jie (3x) [Paid]
40. Ang Wei Fen (4x)
41. minminoh (1x) [Paid]
42. fusionberry (2x) [Paid]
43. Enna (2x)
44. Shaynnie (2x)
45. abcvanz (2x)
46. Ng Pei Shan (6x)
47. Nur Aishah (1x)
48. Pham Thu Ha (2x)
49. Ong Pei Xuan (2x)
50. xoxuer (1x)
51. Goh Zhen Ying (4x)

Total: 129


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jojo
    Nov 16, 2010 @ 00:47:00

    This is like wrist band is it?


  2. mabaydar
    Nov 23, 2010 @ 17:07:58

    How and When can we get the wrist band?


  3. Tania
    Nov 30, 2010 @ 22:06:23

    hi. have you guys received my email regarding the payment for bracelets? :O cuz i still don’t see a paid beside my name.
    ^^ . thanks.


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